About Jenny

'Like a whisper in my ear, these songs came to me; inspiration flowed abundantly and without warning; ever-present in my mind and in my heart; carrying me along this journey that has unimaginably fed my Soul .. and continues to do so.'

That was what Jenny wrote upon completing her first CD 'free to be Me' in 2007. It is available at CD Baby www.http://cdbaby.com/cd/jennysongs and at Louisiana Music Factory http://www.louisianamusicfactory.com. Since then she has written more than thirty songs. She is jokingly referred to as the "lyricist exorcist !". Neither she nor her friends and family can believe the amount of songs she has written, especially given her lifestyle. She is a proud, home-makin' mama of three beautiful children all under 10 years of age. She describes motherhood, singing and songwriting as 'Labors of Love' that are challenging and rewarding. And she finds herself wanting to return each time. Each child, each song is so special and unique to her. They tell stories. And Jenny remains fascinated with this entire process. As a proud New Orleans native, music has played a huge role in Jenny's life ever since she was a young girl. This is one City that is truly incomparable and forever a part of her Heart and Soul. At the age of ten, Jenny was asked by a local artist to make a 'record' (back in the day!). Unfortunately however, due to contractural disagreements, she has only a copy of the recording of that day, which she and her children treasure. They love to hear their mama sing when she was a little girl. Jenny believes Life, God, the Universe, whatever you so choose, opens and closes doors for us for a reason. She feels the music was always inside of her and the door finally opened. In February of 2006, six months after Hurricane Katrina, Jenny and her family returned to New Orleans for a visit with family and friends that were able to return to the city. It was during Mardi Gras which was joyous, yet considerably low-key than in previous years. It was also their first visit Home since the storm. What they saw while driving through old neighborhoods broke their hearts. Places they had frequented were either closed, in shambles or completely gone. They just couldn't believe the devastation. Jenny said, "We all felt a tremendous loss; not just fond memories of places but first and foremost, of people lost." Jenny has always believed that the people of New Orleans are what really makes it unique. "The culture, the food, the music..it's all a result of the people," she has said. It was because of this visit, this sense of loss, that Jenny felt inspired to look inward. And that's when the outpouring of her unique melodies began. Upon completing her first song and sharing it with a few friends and family, it became apparent to Jenny that this one song might be just what she had been waiting to write all these years. Little did she know that the second, third, more and more, would follow within a few short months. Jenny said, "They just kept coming; while fixing the kids their after school snacks, while driving in the car, or in dreams. After twelve songs, I spoke with a very musically talented singer and personal friend of mine whom I'd met while living in Oregon, about possibly recording them. Initially, I wondered if it was at all worth the energy. Now, I don't regret one ounce of it. I used to ask 'why' is this coming to me all at once..now, I simply ask that it not stop." Jenny returned to Arizona this Summer 2008 to record her second CD, Fierce with Reality. It is currently available for sale at CD Baby http://cdbaby.com/cd/jennysongs2 and Louisiana Music Factory www.louisianamusicfactory.com Check it out!! While traveling home from Arizona, Jenny noticed a luggage tag that said, "See the World." At first it touched her in a most usual way. She felt a pang of sadness as she recalled that she'd always wanted to see more of the world. But then she was reminded of her fear of traveling in the world we know today. And as a mother of three children, it was an unnecessary risk to take. Later, she realized that fear is no reason at all for not seeing the world. Jenny began thinking about that luggage tag in a different way and decided to put pen to paper. She wrote, "How do I 'see the world'? How do I perceive the world around me? That's when every song on ''Fierce with Reality' truly came alive for me. Every song offers the good and the bad, the sweet and the bitter, the fullness and emptiness we all experience in Life. And yet, if you listen hard enough, you can hear the underlying tone of Hope in every song; the Hope that we are all steadfast, zealous, ardent and strong-willed with what is truly real in our lives. The many wonderful and terrible things that have either happened by choice or been thrust upon us..these are the things that make us stronger. The loves... the losses." Jenny's songs speak of longing, cherishing, being, staying, accepting, expecting the unexpected, choosing, letting go, healing, loving ever-so-deeply, hurting, losing, and gaining sight of things from the past that we spend life's energy avoiding. And isn't that Life? Isn't that what makes us human beings? Jenny stated, "I ask my kids whenever we see a rainbow, now what helped make that beautiful rainbow?" And they say, "The sun AND the rain, mama." "Being fierce, for me," said Jenny, "means true Happiness. Others may try to hurt you or make you who you are not. Be real. Be fiercely real. Know that you are your best when you honor your worth, learn and grow, choose a joyous vocation and live generously, diligently, humbly and attentively. Change is happening at every turn. Be open. I've learned so much from my own songs. They are stories of my own and of others. They inspire me every day...to be my best Me." As an unknown singer/ songwriter, Jenny aspires to touch peoples' hearts and keep her lyrics personal and truthful, as only she knows how to write them. She said, "In time I know I will find my own way to help rebuild the City that is so deeply a part of me and who I am. I've learned that the lyrics guide you along the journey and the melodies tell you just the path your journey will take. Finding myself in my melodies and sharing them has been both a vulnerable and freeing experience all at once. Already I'm finding that by letting your life enfold, you touch the lives of others. This has been such a creative and ever-evolving journey. Each revolution brings with it a newness I have come to fully enjoy and wholly embrace. It feels really good to be both 'Free to be Me' and 'Fierce with Reality.'